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Singer | Songwriter | Rock Folk Musician | Thea Gilmore | Biography


Born in Oxfordshire in 1979, young Gilmore was surrounded by the records of her father. Dylan, The Beatles, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel and Joni Mitchell were never far from her fingertips.

Says Thea “As a kid, that group of songwriters felt intensely relevant to me, even though I was growing up in the musical black hole of the late 80’s. I knew those guys had started making music long before I was born but I was still hearing about them, about new records they were making or their importance to other, newer artists.”

“I drew the obvious conclusion that music was a lifelong relationship. But when I got absorbed into the industry and saw first hand how it could chew up artists and spit them out again, it was a bit of a shock.. It made me angry. Luckily for me I was a belligerent little toad, and decided that I had to have a different type of career, one more like all those artists I’d admired.”

And so she began to pick her way quietly through the minefield. No acquiescing to a hyper sexualised vision of female artistry, no tabloid fervour… Thea Gilmore has never been photographed falling out of a club at 5AM … she’s settled for music and honesty.

“It was a slow, frustrating road in some ways. I long since made peace with the fact that I’d probably never be a household name or a girl on front covers…but there were more important things to me. Music never stands still, music and its business are constantly in motion but I was determined to connect with people on the most direct level.. looking them in the eye and saying ’this is me, this is my song.. come along for the ride”

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