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Experimental Rock Band - Wilco - Biography


Wilco is an American alternative rock band based in Chicago, Illinois.

The band was formed in 1994 by songwriter and guitarist Jeff Tweedy following the dissolution of Tweedy’s former band, Uncle Tupelo. The Whole Love (released September 27, 2011) is the band’s latest album, and the third album by the current lineup of musicians, which solidified in 2004 when guitarist Nels Cline and guitarist/keyboardist Patrick Sansone joined Tweedy and Wilco co-founder, bassist John Stirratt (who was also Tweedy’s band mate in Uncle Tupelo), drummer Glenn Kotche and keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen. Together, they have released Sky Blue Sky (2007), Wilco (The Album) (2009) and The Whole Love (2011). To date Wilco has released eight studio albums, a live double album, and four collaborations: three with Billy Bragg and one with The Minus Five.

Wilco’s music has been inspired by a wide variety of artists and styles, including Bill Fay and Television, and has in turn influenced music by a number of modern alternative rock acts. Initially the band continued in the alternative country direction of Uncle Tupelo on its debut album A.M. (1995), but has subsequently introduced more experimental aspects to their music, including elements of progressive rock and classic pop.

Wilco garnered media attention for its fourth album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002), and the controversy surrounding it. After the recording sessions were complete, Reprise Records rejected the album and dismissed Wilco from the label. As part of a buy-out deal, Reprise gave Wilco the rights to the album for free. After streaming Foxtrot on its website, Wilco sold the album to Nonesuch Records in 2002. Both record labels are subsidiaries of Warner Music Group, leading one critic to say the album showed “how screwed up the music business is in the early twenty-first century.” Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is Wilco’s most successful release to date, having sold over 670,000 copies to date.

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