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Duran Duran Biography


The stats on DURAN DURAN are remarkable: a total of more than 100 million records sold,18 American hit singles,
30 UK top 20 tunes, and a global presence which
guarantees them huge concert audiences on five continents. More remarkable still is the way they have achieved this, fusing pop music, art,technology and fashion with a sense of style and confidence that have made them a unique and unstoppable force.

When they first broke in the early 1980s, Duran Duran single-handedly transformed music video from a gimmicky marketing tool into one of the music industry’s most valued assets.

With exotic locations, beautiful girls and stunning special-effects, Duran Duran took the visual imperatives of the New Romantic movement to another level. Their impact throughout this period was such that
Rolling Stone magazine – adapting the old Beatles’ sobriquet -dubbed them ‘The Fab Five.’

Despite the occasional pause and some re-grouping in the 1990’s, Duran Duran today command the respect of the finest players in the game.
On recent albums they have collaborated with top Grammy-Award winning producers Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers,Timbaland and Nate ‘Danja’ Hills, as well as long-time Duran fan Justin Timberlake.

And in the live arena they have been joined on stage by a
host of contemporary superstars, from Brandon Flowers, Billy Corgan, and Kelis, to Gerard Way, Beth Ditto and DJ Steve Aoki – to name but a few.

Formed in Birmingham,England in 1978,by keyboardist Nick Rhodes and bassist John Taylor, Duran Duran’s early sound was an exciting stew of influences: the soul music of their youth, the vibrant New York underground music scene of the 1970’s spearheaded by the New York Dolls and Velvet Underground, the iconic art pop of David Bowie and glam bands such as Roxy Music.

At the time, John was at Art College and Nick was still in the 6th form at school.
The first incarnation of the band was rounded out by another art student Stephen Duffy and a friend,Simon Colley who was at catering college.
Simon played clarinet and bass,Nick had one small synthesizer and a drum machine, John played guitar and Stephen sang and played a fretless bass.

After Simon and Stephen moved on – Duffy to The Lilac Time and more recently Robbie Williams – a number of new faces came and went before Roger Taylor, previously drummer
with local punk heroes The Scent Organs, joined the band.
With Roger on board, John took up the bass and the newly christened Duran Duran -named after a character in Roger
Vadim’s sci-fi classic movie Barbarella -started to develop a funkier style, more in tune with some of the up-and-coming bands of the post-punk era such as Japan.

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