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Charlie funk and the Charlie funk show

Both created by hip hop legend and pioneer dj Afrika Islam the son of Bambaataa.

Charlie funk was born in Hollywood California in the 90s. As part of the bubblehead band project which included such great fucking members as Grand Master Melli Mel. from Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five, Flea on bass from the red hot chilly peppers, Doug Wimpish on bass from living colors, Ernie C on guitar from Body Count, Keith Leblanc on drums, Beatmaster V. on drums from Body Count, Bernie Worrell on the keys from Parliament Funkadelic, Norwood on bass from Fish One, Charlie Funk on the wheels of steel, Aria Marshall former guitar of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Veron Reed on guitar from living colors. The project was the birth of Charlie funk.

The Charlie funk show was established in when a emergency call was sent from a Hamburg club owner who was in search of a unique style dj who could effectively play a wide wide wide variety of music in fantastic Electronic meets Hip Hop meets NYC meets Hollywood meets 1960 meets 2015. There was only 2 in the universe Charlie funk and the master Africa Bambaataa

Charlie funk arrived by UFO to Hamburg to start his funky galactic dj sets at Moondog Club. The ability to spin 60 tunes in 50 min with master precision and musical knowledge from the great Chuck Berry to Chuck D to Ice T. Tonight pop from Bach to Batman from James Brown to James Bond.

From Trap to Crunk to Runk to Punk to Beatles to Beatnuts from Plasmatics to Planet Rock from Jordan Maxwell to Malcolm x from David Icke to Body Count and Cop Killer to NWA and Fuck The Police, Hendrix to Hip Hop BDP to EDM Rock N Roll to the Rrock Steady Crew Kkrafwerk. To Daft Punk.. All under 50 min can you understand the dance floor of Fake House Music slaves in the electronic matrix of music. Charlie Funk and the Zulu Nation understood and soon you will overstand one nation under a groove too.

When your club gets a mind funk experience call of the wild finally musically freedom a Soul Organism pure forced pumping chaos. Madness Power Poetry and free sex in the VIP room.

Brought to you by the One and only Charlie funk show on 4 CD players mashup are live. Remixes are live quick mix is live Open your ears and relax your mind tie up your British Walkers and your Pumas and get the funk up

YES, YES, YES, hard to believe 1 dj can do this Zulu wild style. The art form of everything anything anytime everywhere even the sound of silence has its own beat. If you open up and feel the vibe.

Yes I understand you probably think earth is the only planet with intelligent life in the multi-universe as well. Well good for you said the man who just got abducted.

Welcome to the next wave Charlie is now in the studio with producer. Afrika Islam Album coming soon. On electronic beats empire records. No bullshit…
The Charlie funk show

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